The Benefits of Isometric Muscle Contraction

Just about everyone has done a concentric muscle contraction work out. Almost every last one of us have done a squat, we've done a bicep curl or any other type of workout that uses a muscle in a very traditional manner. What many of us have not done is solely focused on isometric muscle contraction. Why haven't we done this? Because it just isn't a natural way for most people to train but some people do find their way towards this training because they want to stress their muscle in new ways to make it grow stronger, larger and to build strength in a range of motion that they rarely trade.

So what is isometric muscle contraction? That's a question that many you probably have And why you found yourself on this website. In isometric muscle contraction is a muscle contraction where the muscle is not being shortened or being stretched longer. Let's give you an example of that: in the bicep curl that just about everyone has tried at least one time in their life, the phase where you lift the weight and reached the top of the exercise is called an concentric muscle contraction. Now that you are at the top of that motion and you are lowering the weight down, you're now doing an eccentric muscle contraction. One makes shorter, one makes it longer, that's the muscle we are talking about.
isometric contraction definition
When it comes to isometric muscle contraction, you would need to make in the muscle shorter or longer you just holding a position in the middle. So think about that bicep curl wants more, think about lifting the weight up to a position where your forearm muscle and the muscle in your upper arm are at a 90° angle to each other. Just hold that weight right there , you are doing in isometric muscle contraction technique.

Now think about all the various exercises that you already know of, exercises that use weight and exercise that just use your body weight. Think about how you can turn those exercises into an isometric muscle workout think about bodyweight exercises isometric ab exercises like a push-up, how would you turn that into an isometric workout? If you think about it you can just hold the position where you are at the middle part of a push-up and now you have an isometric workout.

By now, you should probably have a good idea mike mentzer what isometric contraction is. You should even have some ideas on how you can create isometric exercises on your own. It really is not a difficult thing at all. It is isometric muscle contraction all about finding that middle point of movement and have it so that you are not in concentric or eccentric contraction. If you manage that you can easily create all different types up isometric exercises that will help you develop the body that you want. So, now give it a try. Stop reading this article and hit the floor, figure out an exercise that you want to try and turn it into an isometric exercise.